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2 Days in Montreal, "Canada's Cultural Capital"

Date of Travel: April 8-10, 2013

Text and photography by Arthur Jeciel

A descending car, Montreal Tower

October 23, 2013 Originally, Mike and I were supposed to stay for three nights in Montreal and then fly to Los Angeles but since we couldn't find a good flight that would take us onwards to Las Vegas, we only got to spend two nights in this captivating city. Still, I would say we were able to make the most of it.

It was around half five in the afternoon when we arrived at the Intercontinental Montreal so Mike and I decided we would take it easy and just see around. Our first stop was the Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal, and with it's Gothic Revival architecture, it is among the most dramatic in the world with grand and colorful interior. Later, Mike decided he would have a haircut, as he always does when visiting new cities, and then we went to China Town where we had our dinner.

The following day, we didn't have to go further as the next visit was just beside the Intercontinental Hotel. The picture above is the Eastern side of the Montreal Segment of the Berlin Wall at the Centre de Commerce Mondial (World Trade Center). It was given by the city of Berlin to the city of Montreal. Well, I didn't realize I would have to travel all the way to Canada just to see this!

After having our breakfast in one of the restaurants inside the World Trade Center, we took the subway to visit the Montreal Tower. And due to low visibility, we decided to go back to the city and came back later when the weather got better.


The Montreal Tower is the highest inclined tower in the world and was built to welcome the 1976 Olympic Games.

A not so clear view of the city, due to bad weather

Back to the Old Montreal area, we gazed at the old buildings, one of which was the Old Montreal Courthouse.

The Montreal City Hall, one of the best examples of the Second empire style in Canada was built between 1872 and 1878.

Since we still have time, we decided to visit downtown Montreal and stopped by Centre Bell, the largest arena for hockey in North America and one of the most technologically advanced venues in the world.

Located a few blocks aways was the Gare Windsor (Windsor Station), a former railway station which served as the city's Canadian Pacific Railway station.

Inside the Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal after the light show

Lastly, we watched the light show inside the Notre Dame Basilica and I have to say, it was so nice I would highly recommend it to all the visitors of this enchanting city.


Well, it was a short visit but definitely something we would treasure. The weather could have been better but who knows, we could visit again and hopefully on a summer. Merci beaucoup, Montreal! Au revoir!


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