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Meeting some Maasai folks

Date of travel: April 23-27, 2014

Text and photography by Arthur Jeciel




May 22, 2014 Last month, I was able to visit and explore my 43rd visited land, Tanzania. Singelresor, where I work parttime as a reservations agent, has started sending Swedish groups to this country a few years back through the help of our partner, RA Safaris. Although our only contact with them was through email, all our groups have come back satisfied from their safari trips. So when Mike (my partner and owner of Singelresor) decided to celebrate his birthday in South Africa, we thought we could spend a few days in Tanzania before flying to Johannesburg, and thus meet the people behind RA Safaris.


A public bus in Dar Es Salaam

Arriving late evening at Dar Es Salaam International Airport, we didn't have much to do than just take a taxi to our hotel where we stayed for a night. The following day, we headed back to the airport for our domestic flight to Kilimanjaro.

Our flight to Kilimanjaro on Fastjet was a little delayed but I guess there's not much we could do.


From my seat, I caught sight of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa.

After a little more than an hour of flying, we arrived at the Kilimanjaro International Airport where we were met by Gideon and Zeph, the co owners of RA Safaris.

We had lunch on the way to Arusha before meeting the rest of the RA Safaris team in their office, and then continued to Karatu Town where we stayed one night at the beautiful Bougainvillea Safari Lodge.

The following morning, after having a wonderful breakfast at the lodge, we proceeded to the Ngorongoro crater for game viewing. Ngorongoro crater is a true remaining natural wonder and the most unique ecosystem on earth being home to over 20,000 large grazing animals. This is definitely a must visit in Tanzania.

This is the view of the Ngorongoro crater from the viewing point.

On the way to the crater, we saw the Maasai folk having some sort of ceremony.

Our private safari vehicle with Zeph and Gideon of RA Safaris.

Inside the Ngorongoro crater, we saw lots of animals starting with the guineafowls above.

The Lion King ;)

The lioness

She's so cute;)

Thomson's gazelle, the smallest gazelle.

Ostrich, considered as the 3rd fastest animal in the world.

Some hyenas

A jackal


Gnu or wildebeest




Two rhinoceros who wouldn't come close to us


Another kind of gazelle

While having our lunch, we saw a small group of students about to have their lunch too. How they managed to fit inside this vehicle is unbelievable.

It had been a very exciting and fruitful day for us at the Ngorongoro crater and in late afternoon, we headed to the Ngorongoro Farm House where we stayed for a night. What is special about this lodge is that they do grow their own fruits and vegetables. Well, most of it.

They also have their own coffee. Cool!

The following day, we visited a family from Iraqw Tribe and received a lot of informations about their day to day lives.

This is a very nice wedding dress worn by the brides of Iraqw tribe.

The last stop was the Lake Manyara National Park. Again we saw lots of animals including ..


The Black faced monkey

Gray headed Kingfisher

This warthog was one of two males who were chasing a female.



The beautiful red and yellow Barbet

And lots of elephants.


After seeing all these animals at the Lake Manyara National Park, it was then time for us to head back to the airport for our evening flight back to Dar Es Salaam. I really wish we had more time in Tanzania but I guess we just have to come back to this land. It was a pity we had limited time that we couldn't visit the Serengeti National Park. Next time, I really hope to witness the Serengeti Migration: the great annual migration of Wildebeest and zebra, also known as the greatest animal show on earth. Overall, I was really glad to see lots of animals that I couldn't complain. To Gideon and Zeph of RA Safaris, thanks for being with us and showing us the beauty of your country and most specially for giving us the adventure of a lifetime.


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