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Me @ Taipei 101

First Visit: March 2014

Text and photography by Arthur Jeciel




April 3, 2014 Last March, I was able to visit Taipei for the first time thus making Taiwan my 42nd visited country. Here are some of the tourist attractions we have visited during our stay in this very interesting country.


The Red House: Built in 1908, this is Taiwan's first public market and the most well preserved class III historical site. Lots of small shops inside featuring their own works.


Taipei 101 World Trade Center: This is currently the 3rd highest building in the world although it actually held the top position for many years. Entrance fee is NTD 450.

The World's fastest passenger elevator: This is the same elevator you take to Taipei 101 observatory.

Taipei Main Station: This station handles over half a million passengers daily.

Taipei City Hall

Dr. Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall: Dedicated to the Republic of China's National Father

Market: You can just visit whichever market you want and see for yourself the products they are selling.

National Concert Hall

National Theater


Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

Presidential Office

Bangka Longshan Temple: Founded in 1738, this temple is dedicated to the Buddha Goddess of Mercy.

2/28 Peace Memorial Park: It was the first European-style urban park in Taiwan.

The food: The food is cheap in Taiwan that I had eaten a lot of their Japanese inspired meal during our stay.

Taipei Dome: The construction started in 2011 so I guess we have to wait some more years.



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