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Singapore Airlines First Class Lounge, Terminal 3 (SIN)

First Class Lounge


Date of visit: February 8, 2014

Text and Photos by Arthur Jeciel


Passenger Terminal Building 3 (Inside the departure/transit area)

3rd floor


Lounge reception

Hours of Operation

The lounge is open 24 hours


Singapore Airlines Suites and First Class passengers

First class passengers on any Star Alliance flights


Seating area

Seating area

Seating area


Dining area

Dining Area




It was my first visit here and comparing it to The Private Room, I guess one difference is that The Private Room has a much more elegant feel because of the design and the furnitures used. Of course, the design here is still very nice and worthy to be called first class. There is also less privacy here since more passengers have access to this lounge. As with the service and food, I would say that the service is just as efficient and friendly as in the Private Room but the fact that this doesn't have a la carte service means that buffet is the only option you have. I was actually in the lounge about 2am so it was almost deserted. Overall, a very nice lounge and one of the best there is.


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