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Rose C.I.P. Lounge, Saigon International Airport

Text and Photos by Arthur Jeciel


The Rose CIP Lounge is located in the international transit hall, near Gate 16.


Business/ First class passengers.

Gold members of different airline programs like Thai, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Qantas, United and Singapore Airlines.

Seating Area

Spacious seating area


Buffet bar with variety of food, snacks and refreshments.

This buffet section lets you make your own noodle dish. Lovely!

You can mix whatever additional ingredients you want to.

Communication and Entertainment

The PC room. Wifi internet connection is also available.

Local and international newspapers and magazines.

Toilet and Shower Room

Very nice toilet. Unfortunately, there is no shower room.



I actually love this lounge in the sense that it gives you the touch of Vietnam. The staff wearing their traditional dress, were very nice and always smiling. I remember flying with Qatar Airways a few years ago but that time, Qatar didn't have any contract with this lounge yet so I missed this one. It was good to be visiting this lounge for the first time and I have to say it is definitely worth it.


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