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Qatar Airways Business Class Lounge, Doha Premium Terminal

Text and Photos by Arthur Jeciel


Date of visit: October 4, 2013



Business Class passengers flying with Qatar Airways

The lounge is open 24 hours.


Seating Area

This lounge is fairly huge but considering the recent expansion of Qatar Airways where a lot of routes have been added the past year, I have to say that when it gets crowded (around late evening with lots of departures) there is not enough seats for the passengers and we actually found ourselves "seat hunting" around midnight.

This section of the lounge was still empty when we came at about 9pm.

Another seating area near the buffet which was still pretty empty when we came.


There are several dining restaurants and this one is located on the right side.

There were also several buffet areas with waiting staffs ready to take your order in case you want to order ala carte.

The main buffet area with warm and cold offerings...

The dessert buffet...

About two and a half hours before our departure, Mike and I decided to have our dinner so we could skip the meal service on the plane and maximize our sleep. We chose this area of the lounge giving us a view of the Departures Terminal.

From the buffet, I had a vegetable soup which actually tasted very good.

For the main course, I decided to order from the ala carte and chose the Singaporean noodles. The presentation might be not that extravagant but the taste made up for it.

Mike on the other hand ordered a beef course with couscous.

To end the meal, I had some Arabic Baklava from the buffet.

Work Area

Some nice sofas at the business centre reception area

The business centre with several computers and printer is located outside the business class lounge, which I am guessing is for both first and business class passengers. Inside the lounge, the free wifi connection was quite okay.

Toilet and Shower room

The mens toilet looked very clean and there were also diligent staffs making sure that the shower rooms were cleaned after every use.

As I spent most of the day touring the city, I felt like I needed to have a shower. The shower room had L'occitane skin care products which have pleasant scents.

Kids Room

The kid's room with 2 PS3s is located outside the main lounge....

The kids area is quite big altho I didn't see much kids enjoying this facility during my visit.



This was actually the second time I visited this lounge, with the first time being months before I started writing reviews of this sort. I thought it was a lot better during my last visit: less crowded, more privacy and better service. Now that Qatar Airways has a lot of premium passengers, I think they are just too much making the lounge small and really crowded. In my opinion, this is precisely the reason why a carrier should take their time and not expand without taking into considerations their existing facilities. Well, it only gets worse because the new airport hasn't opened yet. Overall, this lounge is okay when one considers the service and food but relaxation and privacy is definitely out of the question specially during peak hours.


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