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Qantas International Business Lounge, Perth International Airport

Text and Photos by Arthur Jeciel


After having a wonderful day exploring the city of Perth, it was time for us to leave for Auckland and just before our flight, we had a chance to visit the Qantas International Business Lounge, a pretty basic lounge that's worth a visit if you need sometime to relax, check your emails or have some snacks.


The Qantas International Business Lounge is located on the Airside, Departures Level, opposite Gate 2.


First or Business class passengers travelling with Qantas, British Airways, Jetstar, Air New Zealand

Platinum, Gold or Qantas Club members travelling with Qantas, British Airways or Jetstar

Opening Hours

The lounge is open 90 minutes before flight departure.

Lounge Seating Area

We arrived in the lounge about 4:30 in the afternoon and it was quite empty since not so many flights were departing that time of the day.

I thought the lounge looked nice altho not in par with the previous lounges I've been to.

There was a small section where you can sit and watch TV....or just check your emails on your own computer.


I guess Apple computers are very common here in Australia. I actually remember seeing drivers/hotel representatives using ipads with guest's name on the screen while waiting for their clients on the arrival hall. Wireless internet is complimentary.

Newspapers and magazines are also available.

And if you are into stocks or something, this board can keep you updated.


There's a pretty basic offering of food from the self service buffet that is located on the left side of the dining area. On the other side, there is a self-service bar offering a variety of beverages.

From the bar, you can have tea or coffee. Or why not mix your own drinks? Pretty cool.

Toilet and Shower Room

The toilet and shower room...


We stayed in this lounge for about an hour and even though the food offering wasn't that great compared to other lounges we have been to, I would say we still enjoyed our time here. I was able to check my emails and have some snacks. And yes, the apple computers are a big plus.


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