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Maple Leaf Lounge, Toronto Airport (Transborder)

Text and Photos by Arthur Jeciel


Terminal 1, Level 4, Node F


Executive First and Executive Class ticket holders; Star Alliance Gold members; Air Canada Maple Leaf Club members; Altitude Elite and Super Elite members; Latitude and Flex ticket holders who purchase lounge access

Opening Hours

The lounge opens 120 minutes prior to the first Air Canada flight departure and closes 30 minutes prior to the last Air Canada flight departure.

Lounge Seating Area

This lounge is very nice and spacious. You can just choose which section is best for you.

Communication and Entertainment

The fully equipped business center...

There are newspapers and magazines, as well as clocks showing the time in different major cities.

The kids area...

I think that the TV room looks cool!


There were lots of choices from the bar including coffee, tea, liquors, draft beers and wine.

From the warm buffet, I decided to grab their vegetable soup and it tasted fantastic!

Toilet and Shower Room

Pretty cool design, I have to say.

There are plenty of toilets as well as shower rooms.



Since our flight to Los Angeles was delayed for about 45 minutes, we eventually got more time for us to visit this nice and spacious lounge. I liked that it was spacious and that the staffs were very friendly. The food offering was great too, and their business center is always impressive. Overall, a very good lounge.


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