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Etihad Airways Business Class Lounge, Abu Dhabi Terminal 1 (AUH)

Text and Photos by Arthur Jeciel


Date of visit: September 26, 2013



Etihad Guest Silver, Gold and Gold Elite card holders

Business Class passengers


Seating Area

The lounge was fairly full when we arrived as there were multiple departures so we settled in to the first available sofa we saw, ie. the one behind the receptionist desk.

The section on the right side of the reception area...


The buffet had a lot of food offerings but since I was still full from the meal on the plane, I just took some light meals.

Beverage and different types of bread...

The warm buffet had some good choices...

Work Area

Free broadband internet access is available as well as fax, telephone and printing facilities. There were several Macs according to Etihads website but I sort of did not get the chance to use them.

Toilet and Shower room

Actually, the lounge in London is an exact replica of this lounge so it wasn't surprising that even the toilet looked familiar.

Kids Room

The kid's room is located just opposite the Six senses Spa. I tried to take this picture a lot of times so as to avoid the girl looking at me but i never succeeded.

Six Senses Spa

I would have wanted to try the massage treatment here as well to see the difference with the one in London (if there is any) but I was informed by the receptionist that there was a long line and the that I would have to wait for an hour for the next available slot. In the end, I decided it would have to be next time.




The lounge was a bit busy when we came so finding a seat wasn't that easy. The Six Senses Spa was also fully booked. On the other hand, they had really good offerings on the buffet and the internet connection was quite fast allowing me to check on my emails. For a short stay, I would say this lounge was worth a visit.


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