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Asiana Airlines Business Lounge, Incheon International Airport

Text and Photos by Arthur Jeciel


The Asiana Airlines Business Lounge is located on the fourth floor, before Gate 29. It is open from 5am to 9pm.


Business class passengers.

Platinum/Diamond Plus members.

Star Alliance Gold members on the same day they are boarding a Star Alliance flight, plus one guest.

Seating Area

A very spacious lounge with lots of seats.

I love the library style...

And if you want, you can play the piano...

A massage chair, just like the one I saw at the ANA Lounge in Osaka Kansai Airport.


Buffet bar with variety of food, snacks and refreshments.

Communication and Entertainment

The PC room. Magazines and newspapers are also available.

Toilet and Shower Room

Gentlemens toilet

Shower room

I just love the toilets here in South Korea!

Time to have a shower.

A pair of slippers were available too.

And some hair and skin care products. Lovely!



I've been to an Asiana Airlines Business Lounge before (here in Incheon) and this one is actually a lot bigger and nicer. The library style seems to be popular in their lounges, as well as the piano. The food selection was great and since we came early, we had to wait till breakfast was served, altho it didn't take long. Overall, a very nice lounge and surely one of my favorites.


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