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ANA Lounge, Terminal 1 Satellite 4 Tokyo Narita (NRT)

Text and Photos by Arthur Jeciel

It was the first day of my "Winter Trip 2013" and spending a few hours in this lovely lounge turned out to be a very good start for my long trip from North Asia to the Pacific Islands.


The ANA (All Nippon Airways) Lounge is located on the second floor, Satellite 4. The stairs are located in Satellite 4 near gates 41 to 47.


First and business class passengers or Star Alliance gold members on an international Star Alliance flight departing on the same day.

First and business class passengers on a non-Star Alliance airline with an ANA flight number.

Opening Hours

The lounge is open from 7am until departure time of last flight. Just beside the reception is the concierge in case you need help with just about anything.

Lounge Seating Area

This lounge is very spacious with lots of seats including plenty of leather armchairs which are very comfortable to sit on.

Unfortunately, there are no windows in the lounge which could make one feel a little "claustrophobic".


The separate business center is really big with computers, fax and printers. There is also free wifi which is actually fast reminding me that I am nowhere else in the world but in Japan.

Newspapers and magazines in different languages are available from the magazine rack. There are also plenty of TV sets where you can watch english news programs like CNN.

If you need to make a phone call and need a little privacy, you can use any of these 2 open booths. And if that is not enough for you, there is a room located just opposite these phone booths giving you more privacy.


The main buffet area offers a wide selection of hot dishes, soups, yoghurt, sandwiches, salads and drinks.

Of course, the best miso soup can be found in the land where it came from. As usual, the garnish for this typical Japanese soup included scallions and deep fried bean curd.

And lastly, the buffet wouldn't be complete without the famous sushi. That day, they served sushi rice stuffed in a fried bean curd (vinegared rice and fried bean curd). There were also salad rolls (which is actually vinegared rice, tuna and mayonnaise, fish cake and cucumber). My light lunch included a cup of miso soup, some sushi and salad rolls. Excellent!!

Noodle Bar

From their noodle bar, you can order simple noodle dishes. During my visit, there were about 6 different types of noodles you can choose from. I would have wanted to order one but I decided to save my "hunger" for the business class meal they would be serving on my flight from Tokyo to Bangkok aboard the "Super Jumbo". Can't wait!!

Sake Bar

Just beside the concierge, on the left side is the Sake Bar.

From the bar, you can taste different Japanese sake (rice wine) and Sochu, a Japanese vodka.

Toilet and Shower Room

The toilet is very clean, as well as the shower room. Toiletries like soap, shampoo, shaving cream and a shaver, and towels are available. The high tech toilets will never come unnoticed, specially if you are not from Japan. I just love them and I wish I could have one at home. Imagine not having the need to flush it because it flushes on its own. And that you can actually wash your butt by simply pressing a button. I guess the Japanese and South Koreans really love to be pampered.



Overall, I had a really wonderful time at the ANA Lounge. The food was very good; they had nice and comfortable seats; very fast wifi connection; the famous sake bar and noodle bar were both worth a visit; and of course their high tech toilets. The only thing that was missing were the windows that could have helped in making the entire lounge "breathe". Nevertheless, a highly recommended lounge when in Narita Airport.


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