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Radisson Hotel Narita

Text and Photos by Arthur Jeciel

With so many hotels near Narita Airport, we decided to book a hotel that is both close to the city, with clean rooms and great facilities, complimentary internet and has great value for money. For about 100 US dollars per night, Radisson Hotel Narita became an obvious choice and we were glad we stayed in this hotel.

We arrived at Narita International Airport around 11 in the morning and after collecting our luggages, we went directly to the waiting area where most hotel buses were waiting. The bus was actually a mini van with three guests already inside and eventhough it was small, it was just okay for the five of us. The reception wasn't that busy when we arrived but it became crowded after we had checked in as the cabin crews of Delta Airlines came.

We had a twin room located on the 11th floor which was actually the highest floor giving us a nice view of the city.

I just love the toilets in Japan... Radisson Hote uses Asira body care products, which is probably in charge of Radisson's toiletry products in Asia Pacific.

Pressing a button is the only thing you would need to wash your butt...

There is a very nice restaurant just beside the lobby where you can order small snacks and drinks. On the right side of the reception is the kid's club.

Beside the kid's corner is the business service center. On the lower level you can find the gym, just before the sauna and the indoor swimming pool.

The following morning, we decided to have our breakfast before exploring the city and one of the few things I found on the buffet were bottles of Yakult. I don't remember the last time I saw them in the Philippines but it must have been ages. Well, before I could grab one, all six were gone and were being enjoyed by the Japanese family seated next to us.

To keep the food warm, the hotel uses this electric stoves/warmer. Perfect idea since it is much easier controlling these heaters. I also found some typical Japanese food on the left side of the buffet area but I didn't really bother to try one.

After our tour of the city, it was time for us to take the hotel's shuttle service to the airport. This time, we used one of the coaches being used by the crews of Delta Airlines. The bus ride took about 20 minutes and then it was time to say goodbye to Tokyo. Well, at least for now. Sayonara!


To check out their roomrates, here's the link to their website: Radisson Hotel Narita


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