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Staying one night at the Marina Bay Sands, is it worth it?

Text and Photos by Arthur Jeciel

November 20, 2012 Mike and I were visiting Singapore for the first time last May and we really wanted to make it special. And because everybody has been talking about the Marina Bay Sands Hotel since it had its grand opening in February last year, we thought it would be worth staying at this hotel, even for a night.

We arrived at the Changi International Airport Terminal 3 around two in the afternoon and after collecting our luggages and passing through the security control, we went directly to the coach bay, located a few meters from the arrival hall. The hotel's shuttle bus arrived almost at the same time as we were exiting the terminal. The airport shuttle service was complimentary to all guests staying at the hotel, and you would need to present your confirmation email to the shuttle bus operator before you are allowed to get on the bus. While waiting for the shuttlebus to depart, another couple came and after a few minutes, we were on our way to the hotel. There was also free wifi access on the bus, altho I wasn't able to check if it was working or not. I have read on the hotel's website that we could actually check-in on the bus, and I thought it would save us time. Altho this actually didn't happen, we were glad that there weren't so many people when we came to the reception serving the guests staying at Tower 3, like us. On the other hand, the hotel's main reception (for those staying at Towers 1 and 2) was pretty crowded.

I thought the room was very chic and modern, reminding me that the hotel was developed by the same company who owns the famous "The Venetian" in Las Vegas. The bathroom also looked elegant but I was surprised that they weren't using their own branded toiletry products. Instead, they were using Paiza products which come from a local amenity supplier.

I was really excited to see the hotel's infinity pool, which is considered as the world's longest elavated pool, located on level 57! There were not too many people when we came so it was easy finding a place for us to swim and just relax. There were towels being provided, and a restaurant/bar where you can order a few drinks and some light meals.

Also, there is the SkyBar which is perched above the hotel's Sky Park observation deck. I really loved the view from above during daytime, but I thought it was even better at night. Singapore has many skyscrapers and to see them at night with all the lights was just perfect.

If you love luxury boutiques, then the MBS is perfect for you. There's AX Armani Exchange, CHANEL, Dior, ESCADA, Yves Saint Laurent, Salvatore Ferragamo and many more so you practically shop until you drop. I adore the canal that runs through the length of the Shoppes, in the same style as the Venetian in Las Vegas. And of course, there's the casino for all you gamblers out there.






Overall, we were really satisfied with our one night stay at the MBS. For a deluxe twin room including a buffet breakfast for two, maybe the price of 375 US dollars was a bit too much. The room wasn't really that exceptional either if you compare it to other hotels in the same category. But because we really enjoyed our time just relaxing in the infinity pool with a fantastic view of the city, and that we have travelled that far to come to Singapore, then I would say it was worth it.


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