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Seven-star experience for much less

Text and Photos by Arthur Jeciel



October 15, 2011 With room rates starting from 1,500 US dollars per night, I would say that only the very rich people would choose to stay in this hotel. Fortunately, there is a cheaper way to have access to this magnificent creation, giving you the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of this luxurious hotel.


A month before coming to Dubai, I checked the hotel's website and read that I can actually make lunch or dinner reservations to any of their well renowned restaurants or an afternoon tea/evening cocktails at the Skyview Bar, thus letting me explore the hotel as a guest. The cheapest of these alternatives is the evening cocktails, since the minimum spend is about 68 US dollars per person, and so I did book it. In comparison, a lunch buffet at Al Iwan Restaurant starts at 100 US dollars but since you would also be paying separately for your drinks, etc., it would probably cost you a little less than 122 US dollars which is actually the price of the afternoon tea at the Skyview Bar. Take note that the afternoon tea is actually located on the 27th floor where spectacular views are guaranteed, and for a 7-course set menu, this is probably a lot better than the buffet lunch at Al Iwan Restaurant. Of course, the choice is all up to you.


It is interesting to note that eventhough it says on their website that you can actually make reservations either by phone, fax or email, sending an email doens't actually work. I wanted to make a reservation for an evening cocktail so I sent an email but I never got a reply (probably not a very good sign that it is a seven-star hotel). In the end, I decided to call the hotel myself and it went fine.

Our hotel was in the city center and to get to the Burj Al Arab (which in Arabic means Tower of the Arabs) we had to take a cab. Taking a taxi in Dubai is quite cheap so I really would recommend it.

We made sure we would arrive an hour before our reservation so we could have enough time to take pictures and see for ourselves the beauty of this hotel.

The Hotel

One of the reception desks in the lobby....


The atrium is 180 meters tall...

I thought the inside of the hotel was really extravagant, reminding me that I was indeed in Dubai.

Of course, they also have luxury shops....


Al Iwan Restaurant

In the heart of the world's tallest atrium, flanked by golden columns and next to the lobby fountain is Al Iwan, where you can enjoy a taste of the finest Arabic cuisine. Lunch is served between 12 noon and 3:30 in the afternoon, with price starting from 100 US dollars.

The cold buffet...

And the dessert buffet...

The ladies toilet...

Skyview Bar

Located on the 27th floor is the Skyview Bar, for afternoon tea and evening cocktails. Minimum age for the evening cocktails is 21 years old, and the bar is open from 7pm to 2am. Minimum spend is about 68 US dollars per person.

Inside the Skyview Bar...

Choosing from the list of their non-alcoholic drinks, I found my joy in their "Merryberry".



Overall, we really enjoyed the time we had at the Skyview Bar, with the cool ambience, great view and friendly staff. Not to mention that we actually got the chance to see the real beauty of this self-proclaimed seven star hotel. But is it really worth the money? I would say yes, specially if you are celebrating something special. Mike celebrated his birthday a few days back and it was my post-birthday gift to him...and he really liked it.


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