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Route: NRT-FRA

Airline: ANA (NH)

Cabin Class: First

Equipment: Boeing 777-300ER

Flight Number: NH209

Seat Number: 2A

ANA First Class Cabin on the 777-300ER

Date: February 14, 2014

Departure time in Tokyo (NRT): 12:00

Arrival time in Frankfurt (FRA): 16:15

*This is an award travel, First Class flight #10


Text and Photography by Arthur Jeciel



March 1, 2014 It was my first time flying on ANA in first class and I was really excited about it. I've read a lot of reviews about it and they all said it is one of the best airlines to fly with in first class. Well, I have to say everything they said was true.

Check in

First Class Check in entrance

First Class Check in seating area

See you later in Stockholm!

First Class Check in counters

A very nice young lady helped me with my check in and after a few minutes, I got my boarding pass as well as a Valentine's chocolate from ANA. She told me that it is a custom in Japan for girls to give chocolates to boys on Valentine's Day and that this chocolate is only for today. I wonder if I could sell this on ebay for 10 dollars or something ;)


Since boarding would be at Gate 38, I used the ANA Suite Lounge near Gate 42, a review of which you can find here.

The beautiful 777-300ER taking us to Frankfurt that day

Boarding started on time at gate 38 with First Class and Diamond members boarding first.

ANA First Class Cabin NRT-FRA on Valentines Day, February 14, 2014

Welcome to my seat 2A, with the latest ANA First Square!

As soon as I was seated, the purser came to my seat and introduced herself. While others would just leave the slippers on your seat, she personally opened the plastic wrapping and placed the slippers right in front of me, ready to use. This is definitely topnotch service.

Since I was not familiar with the ANA First Square, I had to refer to the seat service guide for its features.

From left to right: reading light and under it is the headphone stowage, handset and under it are the USB port, iPod connector and PC power, the PET bottle stowage and under it is the seat control panel.

The entertainment controls.

Personal TV screen

This is my second Rimowa kit, yes! The amenities included an eyemask, earplugs, toothbrush and toothpaste, and the Ginza skin care products.

I was also given the refresh and relax set as well as a lip balm.

ANA headphones by Sony

ANA loungewear

ANA first class pajamas

This is actually for the eyeglasses but since I don't have one, I used it for my iphone.

The seat control panel

After giving me enough time to take pictures of the seat, the cabin attendant came and offered some hot towels.

The First Class Menu card and wine list was presented in a very nice leather folder.

I thought I could be a Japanese even for a few hours so I decided to order the Japanese meal instead of the western meal.

Menu-Japanese meal

Menu-Modern European

Menu-Modern European

Amuse-bouche and a glass of Krug

Table set up

Sakizuke: Simmered Sea cucumber with coarse tea and consomme jelly

Zensai: selection of seasonal morsels

My sake was the Saika Junmai Ginjo

Nimonowan: Sea bream on Japanese white wheat noodles on seafood stock

Otsokuri: Quick seared yellow tail

Japanese green tea

Main course: Shusai - Grilled tilefish saikyo miso taste



Steamed rice

Miso soup

Macaron with Ice cream (from the western menu)

Some more sweets, a cup of green tea and a hot towel ...

A bottle of mineral water was also offered after the meal.

After the meal, I decided I would change into my pajamas. ANA really cares for their passengers and don't want you to step on the floor while changing so they have this.

I was offered a separate bed by the cabin attendant and had the one opposite my seat as my "small bedroom". We were only 4 passengers in the cabin so we could actually have our own separate if we wanted to. This is a luxury. Arigato ANA!

I slept like a baby and woke up with only two hours before landing. I remember going to bed with about 8 hours left to Frankfurt so I must have slept for like 6 hours. I really loved their bed. It is the Nisikawa Sangyo's Air bed pad and I hope all airlines could offer the same thing to their first class passengers.

From the jacket stowage, I took my shirt and pants and changed in the lavatory before the second serving.

Japanese noodles to start the day!

Some fresh fruits.

And Ghana chocolate available only for today!

Toilet and Lavatory

I thought it looked futuristic.

And yes it is! The famous Japanese washlet is up here in the sky!

I love the blue color.

And there is also the Origami!



So, how am I to describe my experience flying with ANA in first class? They had the Rimowa kit which is my favorite. They prepared the seat opposite mine and turned it into my bed, pretty much like flying with Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines in first class. Everytime I leave my seat and go to to the lavatory, when I come back, all the things that I left in chaos were perfectly in order. The food was great, even if I am not a 100% fan of Japanese meal. I couldn't ask for more and I really hope to fly again with ANA soon. Thanks to all the cabin attendant specially to the purser , Miss Ritsuko for taking care of me throughout the flight. Arigato, ANA!


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