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Sydney to Bangkok with Thai Airways in First Class

Route : Sydney to Bangkok

Airline : Thai Airways (TG)

Cabin Class: First

Aircraft Type: Boeing 747-400

Flight Number: TG476

Seat Number: 3E

Date: February 28, 2013

Departure time in Sydney (SYD): 10:00

Arrival time in Bangkok (BKK): 15:25

Award travel, First Class flight #1


Text and Photos by Arthur Jeciel




I have never flown in first class before so you can imagine how excited I was being on this Thai Airways flight to Bangkok. I was kind of curious to find out how it is like flying in the "best class" the airline industry has to offer. With excellent service, a full flat bed and amazing food, it turned out to be one of the best flights I have ever experienced.

We arrived at the Sydney International Airport about seven in the morning, just perfect for our 10am flight.

Check in

There was a separate check in counter for first class passengers as I expected. At the same time, we had access to the express path. Cool!

My boarding card and the express path card...


Flying in first class, we got to use the Air New Zealand Lounge, a very nice lounge with very good food and excellent amenities.


Priority boarding was given to premium passengers, which made sure I was one of the first passengers to board the plane. Yes!


The first class cabin has a total of 10 seats with a 1-2-1 configuration. Surprisingly (or maybe not), the flight was full.

My seat 3E was an aisle. The legroom is never a problem when travelling in first class.

The seat control (left). There is a small storage for the headphone and the amenity kit (right).

The first class amenity kit consisted of a brush and comb, slumber shade, earplug, cologne and moisturizer from Eau D'orange Verte (Hermes), a toothbrush and toothpaste, mouth spray, lip balm from Neutrogena and a facial spray from Travel Spa.

I also got my pyjamas and slippers.

A reading lamp is located on the right side of the seat (left) while the power port is placed beside the magazine rack (right).

My seat turns into a fully flat bed, just perfect for a flight that's about nine and a half hours long.


A glass of champagne is always a sign of a good start. The champagne served on board was a Dom Pérignon Vintage 2003.

The menu cards are placed on a nice folder (left). A warm towel just before the meal service (right).

Some cocktail drinks and snacks (left). A little later, the cabin attendant started preparing my table (right).



Canapés: White Sturgeon Caviar with Garnitures


The caviar was superb....and I know just how much it cost!

First Course


Duck Liver Terrine, Grilled sea Scallop, Grilled Marinated Vegetables (left). Salad: Mixed Green Salad with Thousand Island Dressing (right).

Main Course


Lobster Thermidor with Duchess Potato: Dish of Lobster Meat cooked in Bercy Sauce mixed with Mustard and Mornay Sauce Sprinkled with Cheese arranged in Lobster Shell and Glazed. Served with Duchess Potato


I actually pre-ordered the lobster on line. Otherwise the choises from the menu card were:


Pan-fried Barramundi Fish Fillet with Lobster Sauce, Vegetables Ratatouille, Steamed Potatoes and Asparagus


Chicken Piccata, Pasta with Pomodoro Sauce, Sauteed Mushroom and Broccoli


Stir-fried Prawns with Oriental Pepper Sauce, Stir-fried Hokkien Noodles, Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables


Beef Fillet with Eggplant in Green Curry "Kiew-wan", Steamed Thai Hom Mali Rice, Mixed Vegetables

Assorted Cheese, Fresh fruits (left). Chocolate Mousse Cake (right).

After enjoying my chocolate mousse cake, I decided to have a cup of green tea before finally having a goodnight's sleep. About two hours before landing, the cabin crews started preparing the table for the second serving.



Soup: Sichuan Soup (left). Hot Light Meal: Chicken Brochette and Lamb Samosa (right).

Dessert: Chocolate Tart Brulee and Pistachio Sauce, Tea, Chocolate


I was just so impressed with the food. Everything tasted excellent!


A minibar is located just in front of the first two seats in the middle section of the cabin.


Headphones with noise reduction (left). The personal television is probably not the best you can find in first class.

We were not supposed to use our personal television so we had to watch the safety video from the big screen in front of us (left). The remote control (right).

Toilet and Lavatory

Skin care products from Bulgari were available in the toilet.

The toilet, although not that big was very clean.

Arrival at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

As first class passengers, we were met by a young gentleman who escorted us from the immigration control up to the waiting area where the hotel representative (where we were staying) was waiting for us. Isn't this luxury!

After checking in at the hotel near the airport, we hurriedly took the train to downtown. It was a lovely afternoon when we arrived in the city center ready to enjoy our stay in Bangkok.




I was really impressed with the service Thai has given to their first class passengers. The crew were very attentive and were always checking if you need something. I was always addressed with my surname. The food was excellent. As a souvenir, I got the menu cards minus the folders, and two pairs of slippers. The only minus I guess is that the personal television is kept in the storage instead of having it attached to the seat in front of you. The size is also below first class standard. Overall, this is definitely an experience I wouldn't forget!


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