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Route : ARN-LHR

Airline : SAS (SK)

Cabin Class: SAS Plus

Equipment: Boeing 737-600

Flight Number: SK531

Seat Number: 2F

Date: December 21, 2013

Departure time in Arlanda (ARN): 11:10

Arrival time in London (LHR): 12:50

*This is an award travel, Business Class flight #41


Text and Photography by Arthur Jeciel



January 12, 2014 SAS has recently introduced SAS Plus and SAS Go which correspond to the old business and economy class, respectively. It was actually my first time flying in SAS Plus so I was a bit curious in finding out more about it. Well, it is pretty much like SAS Go with exactly the same seats. The only difference is that the meals for SAS Plus passengers are included.


Check in desks for Star Alliance Gold members/Business Class Passengers


The SAS Gold Lounge and SAS Lounge reception


Since I have Star Alliance Gold card, I was able to use the SAS Gold Lounge with the entrance located on the left side of the reception. On the other hand, those flying in SAS Plus without Star Alliance Gold card normally have access to the SAS Lounge located on the right side of the reception.



My boarding pass from my iphone's passbook app.

Boarding started on time at Gate F63 with the Sar Alliance Gold members and SAS Plus passengers being called first.


The Boeing 737-600 bound for London


Just enough legroom for me.

The first two rows were SAS Plus while all the seats behind were SAS Go.

The rsecond row of the SAS Plus cabin

The flight to London that Saturday morning had seven of the nine seats occupied.


My light lunch consisted of a sandwhich with smoked ham and emental cheese, Green Blacks chocolate and a glass of mineral water.

Upon landing at Terminal 3, I was able to see lots of aircrafts from the window among them, the Emirates Airbus 380-800.

After collecting my luggage and having them deposited in the luggage storage, I did not waste any minute and took the train to downtown. It was raining on and off but still I was able to visit the Buckingham Palace, London Eye and the Big Ben.



Some newspapers and magazines were available but no personal TV screen.

Toilet and Lavatory

The toilet and lavatory was kept clean.



There it was, the new SAS Plus service of SAS. I thought that the meal was a lot better when they still had the business class. Also, the middle seats were no longer left vacant and the toilet which used to be only for business class passengers was for both classes. Overall, a nice flight.


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