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Route: ARN-FRA

Airline: Lufthansa (LH)

Cabin Class: Business

Equipment: Airbus A320-200

Flight Number: LH801

Seat Number: 3A

Lufthansa Business Class

Date: March 4, 2014

Departure time in Arlanda (ARN): 9:50

Arrival time in Frankfurt (FRA): 12:05

Travel Time: 2h 15m


*This is an award travel, Business Class flight #53


Text and Photography by Arthur Jeciel



March 18, 2014 When my partner and I booked this trip, we thought we would visit the remaining Asian countries we still haven't visited, well at least two of them. We were originally planning to visit Brunei and Sri Lanka but since travelling to Sri Lanka would mean making a stop over in Bangkok and buying a separate ticket to Colombo, we decided to make a stop over in Taipei instead.

Check in

The check in desk for business class passengers was at Desk 87.

Fast track

The line was pretty long for economy class passengers so we were happy to be using the fast track lane.


SAS Lounge

It was "Fat Tuesday" or Fettisdagen that day and in Sweden, it is a tradition to eat these semla pastries to celebrate the last day before the Lenten fast. I saw lots of teenagers eating these pastries inside the lounge but I thought I would abstain.

My boarding pass included the flight from Frankfurt to Seoul as well although we couldn't really use it since Asiana wanted to have their own boarding card where only the smaller part of it is returned to the passenger upon boarding.

About 10 minutes before boarding started, we decided to head to the gate and on our way, saw this cool motorcycle. Something to be won? Not really.

Boarding at Gate 5A started 10 minutes late with business class passengers and those with Star Alliance Gold status boarding first.


The Airbus A320 taking us to Frankfurt that "Fat Tuesday" morning ...

My seat 3A, was a window.

"My Space".


The cabin has a 3-3 configuration with a total of 24 seats.

My very healthy meal consisted of cereals and bread/jams. I wasn't sure if it was a tuna slice that was served together with the cheese so I asked the flight attendant what it was. She was not sure either but told me it must be ham because they placed it together with the cheese. On the otherhand, I was convinced it was tuna because it had dill on it and of course, it smelled fish and tasted like tuna.

The farewell gift were Bonbons.

Upon landing at Frankfurt Main Airport, I caught site of this Lufthansa Boeing 747.



Another good flight on Lufthansa, I must say. The food was okay and the cabin attendants were very friendly. The crew not knowing what the food was was a bit strange since a passenger could have an allergy and it would be difficult on that case. Overall, a nice flight.


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