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Perth to Auckland with Air New Zealand in Business Class

Route : Perth to Auckland

Airline: NZ (Air New Zealand)

Cabin Class: Business

Aircraft Type: Boeing 777-200

Flight Number: NZ176

Seat Number: 2B

Date: February 22, 2013

Departure time in Perth (PER): 17:50

Arrival time in Auckland (AKL): 5:15

Award travel, Business Class flight #9

Text and Photos by Arthur Jeciel



After having a wonderful time exploring the city of Perth in the morning, Mike and I decided to take a cab back to the airport around lunch time.

Check in

Air New Zealand has a separate check-in desk for business/premium economy class passengers and economy class passengers. After a few minutes, we were given our boarding pass and were on our way to the lounge.


It was quite strange that Air New Zealand uses Qantas Lounge who happens to be a One World member instead of Singapore Airlines Silver Kris Lounge (another Star Alliance member). For more details and pictures of this lounge, you can check Qantas International Business Lounge.


The aircraft used was a Boeing 777-200. Boarding started about 40 minutes before departure, starting with the business class passengers.


Air New Zealand has adopted the herringbone seating like Air Canada and Cathay Pacific. The business class cabin has 26 lie-flat seats with 1-2-1 configuration.

My seat 2B, was in the middle section. A bottle of water was available upon arrival.

Starting a flight with a glass of champagne is becoming more and more common... The champagne served on board was from France, G.H. Mumm Cordon Rouge.

A hot towel was offered as soon as I was seated. In front of my seat was an ottoman. If you are a pair and would like to dine together, this ottoman is just perfect as there is a seatbelt available for use.

I found a small space for my shoes... The pillows and the mattress were placed in front of me, just behind seat 2A.

Some controls for the dining table/tray as well as seat adjustments.

The amenity kit includes a pair of socks (pretty colorful), a slumber shade, foam ear plugs, a ballpen, a toothbrush and a toothpaste, and La Prairie products: moisturizing lip balm, cellular eye contour cream, and cellular time release moisturizer. I love the sign on the slumbershade: Are we there yet?

A universal AC power port is located on the left side of the magazine rack. The lady on 1A was travelling with her baby (a few months old) and had a detachable bassinet fitted on the bulkhead wall.

Since the In-flight Entertainment (IFE) system wasn't working properly before take off, the flight attendants had to explain the safety instructions manually. I think the safety video is actually pretty cool and in case you haven't seen it yet, you can check out this link.

The lights were dimmed just as the dinner service started..

My seat turned into a bed..Just perfect for a short nap.


After take off, I was offered a plate of cashew nuts with a small portion of mixed veggies and a glass of apple juice. On the right side is the picture of the food and drink menu card.

To begin: Coriander cured salmon with karengo potato salad, micro greens and sesame lime mayonnaise. (Karengo - New Zealand Seaweed)


From the bakery: Garlic bread, shell rolls or baguette rolls



Slow braised beef with carrot batons, leaf spinach and sauteed potatoes with golden fried onions


Herb roasted chicken breast with feta and chive potato mash, bell peppers and steamed broccoli


Golden fried snapper with quinoa, olive and mint tabbouleh, green beans, cherry tomatoes and roasted tomato, caper and bell pepper salsa by Peter Gordon


I chose the fish and it tasted just perfect.

To finish:


Gourmet ice cream dessert of chocolate obsession and cookies and cream ice cream


Caramelised citrus tart with passionfruit mascarpone cream by Peter Gordon


Again, I chose the one by Peter Gordon, and I was very glad I did.

Cheese: A selection of fine soft, hard and blue cheeses


I tried to skip mine while Mike had his own and he said it was one of the best cheese selection he has ever tasted!

Hot drinks: Freshly brewed or decaffeinated coffee, tea, herbal tea or hot chocolate.


I had the usual cup of green tea.


The headphone was pretty basic. Located on the right side of the magazine rack is the headphone socket.

I was surprised to see that the remote control wasn't that user-friendly.

Air New Zealand's own IFE system is called KiaOra...

Toilet and Lavatory

First time for me to see that a toilet floor has a design... On the other hand, I wonder if they realize how unattractive those tapes are.

Very clean, with lots of hand towels...

Before landing

About 25 minutes before landing, the captain announced that it was time to fold the duvet and mattressess. Breakfast was served (coffee and muffins) afterwards. I admire the fact that they could serve breakfast so quickly and just half an hour before landing, thus maximizing your sleep time.


Then, it was time to remove the bassinet as well. Marcel, the cabin attendant who was working on our side of the cabin, took his time to thank each one of the passengers. A very nice gesture.


Arrival at Auckland International Airport

Again, business class passengers were the first ones to leave the aircraft. We had about five and a half hours transit time in the airport and with no business class lounge access, we nevertheless had a nice time exploring the airport.



Flying with Air New Zealand in business class had been a great experience for us. The cabin attendants were very professional and it seemed they know just how to do things right. The coordination was very good. Also, I think they are one of the friendliest, taking time to talk to you and have a little conversation. The flat bed with a mattress, duvet and pillow were amazing. The food and wine were one of the best I've tasted and their cheese, was the best, according to Mike. Although the aircraft itself is not that new, the service had made our flight unparalleled. Thanks, Air New Zealand!


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