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Osaka to Okinawa with Japan Transocean Air in J Class

Route : KIX-OKA

Airline : Japan Transocean Air (NU)

Cabin Class: J Class

Aircraft Type: Boeing 737-400

Flight Number: NU275

Seat Number: 3A

Date: May 26, 2013

Departure time in Osaka (KIX): 13:50

Arrival time in Okinawa (OKA): 15:50

Fare: 11,300 yen, about 111 US dollars


Text and Photos by Arthur Jeciel


Boeing 737-400



Boarding at Gate 22, about 20 minutes before departure


The J class (domestic business class) cabin has a total of 20 seats, 19 of which were occupied that day.



My seat 3A, was a window.


A glass of apple juice


JAL Sony headphones

Entertainment controls

Arrival in Okinawa

A lovely welcome sign.



It was our first time to fly with Japan Transocean Air (it's primarily based in Okinawa) and I have to say that it actually went well. The J class differs from the normal economy class with the seats being broader and thus giving more comfort. It actually would be equal to economy extra on some European airlines. For only 1000 yen more (about 10 USD), I have to say that it is actually worth your money for a two hours flight. Plus, the cabin attendants were very nice, as always. Till next time! Sayonara!


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