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Route : New York (JFK) to Vienna

Airline: Austrian (OS)

Cabin Class: Business

Equipment : Boeing 777-200

Flight Number: OS 088

Seat Number: 4D


Date: November 9, 2013

Departure time in New York (JFK): 18:00

Arrival time in Vienna (VIE): 8:40 +1day

*This is an award travel, Business Class flight #39


Text and Photography by Arthur Jeciel


December 20, 2013 Having tested Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa business class in the past, I was really excited to take this flight with Austrian. I've seen pictures of their new business class seats on their website (which are actually on the JFK-VIE route) and it would really be interesting to compare it with other airlines.

We arrived at JFK Terminal 1 about two and a half hours before the flight, giving us enough time to pass the security and enjoy the Lufthansa Business Lounge.

Check in

Unfortunately, the controller at the fast track section wouldn't honor our US Airways boarding card so we had to go back to the check in desks to get our Austrian boarding passes. Luckily, it didn't take that long.

My boarding pass issued by the partner airline, Lufthansa


For the review of the Lufthansa Business Lounge, please click here.


The beautiful Boeing 777-200 bound for Vienna.


Boarding started on time at Gate 4, with a separate lane for business class passengers.

The airbridge to the business class cabin


The business class cabin is divided into two: a bigger cabin in the front with 32 seats, and a smaller cabin at the rear with 16 seats, with a total of 48 business class seats. All seats were occupied that day. I'm not really sure with the gray and red color combination of the seats but gray is not really that appealling to me, although Qatar Airways Dreamliner business class which has the same colors seem to be very nice.

Two seats in the middle of the cabin.

For my predeparture beverage, I settled for a glass of water.

Just like Turkish Airlines, Austrian also has their onboard chef. After receiving our drinks, the chef started distributing the menu cards and took the orders for dinner and breakfast afterwards.

The menu card and wine list

A few minutes later, the flight attendants started distributing magazines and newspapers and I ended up reading the Time magazine.

At 6:05, we started pushback and the safety video was shown on the personal screen.


I thought the seat control was cool, although I still prefer Lufthansas design.

A very spacious legroom.

There is also a bottle holder, as well as a literature holder where the headset and safety card were actually placed.

The reading lamp located above the power outlet and USB/headphone sockets.

A touch of royalty

The amenity kit consisted of a nice pair of socks, a shoehorn, eyeshades, earplugs, toothbrush, mint and a Bogner moisturizing face lotion.

As soon as the seatbelt sign was turned off, the cabin attendants started distributing bottles of mineral water. The lovely table set up immediately followed starting with a glass of red wine, lime water, a piece of bread and a small plate of warm nuts.

Caesar salad/prawns

The other choices for the appetizers were buffalo mozzarella with tomato, avocado and carpaccio and gingered butternut squash soup with croutons.


Main Course

Fillet of beef with sesame soya sauce

potato terrine/green asparagus/red pepper coulis


The other choices were: Grilled Chilean sea bass with lime chervil butter, balsamic beluga lentils/celeriac mash and Chicken tikka brochette, basmati rice/paneer vegetable curry.

Afterwards, a flight attendant came with the coffee card and I decided to skip although I was jealous of the one my neighbor got.

Assorted cheese

marinated berries/vanilla creme fraiche

The other choices for dessert were chocolate praline souffle with chocolate sauce or dulce de leche parfait.


The headset and entertainment controls.

This screen has the best resolution I have seen so far.

While having my dinner, I also enjoyed watching Turbo, which I thought was a very nice movie.

Time to sleep

My pillow and blanket for the night.

Turndown service by myself.

The bed controls included mood light, massage and a softer or firmer cushion among others.

About one and a half hours before landing, breakfast was served starting with a fruit smoothie which I preordered. I thought they could have used a smaller glass instead. One can have a glass of fresh orange juice instead of the smoothie.

Afterwards, my breakfast tray came which consisted of fresh fruits, assorted ham and cheese, a piece of bread and apricot jam.

Really nice tea cup.

My eggs sunny side up with crispy bacon.


The other choice was cottage cheese omelette, potato roesti/grilled tomato.

Toilet and Lavatory

Inside the lavatory, there was a small basket containing a shaver and cream, wet towels, comb and earplugs.

Arrival in Vienna

We landed at the Vienna International Airport around 8:30 in the morning and since our connecting flight to Stockholm (our final destination) was scheduled for 8:30 in the evening, we decided to take the subway to the city and enjoy our own sightseeing plus a visit to some relatives.



Finally, I was able to test the new business class seats of Austrian. So how does it compare with the other two European carriers (Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines) I've flown with? I have to say that the seats of Lufthansa on the 747-8i were much better than the other two specially the length. Austrian also is nice but unfortunately, some of the seats were uncomfortable specially when in bed mode since they have very small space for your feet. One example is seat 5E so make sure you avoid this. Regarding the food, having their own chef on board who diligently did their job, I have to give it to Turkish Airlines and Austrian. Just after breakfast, one of the flight attendants took time to chat with me and it was something I never experienced from the cabin staff of Turkish Airlines nor Lufthansa. Overall, a very nice flight and definitely my top choice when flying from JFK to Europe in business class. Danke schön, Austrian!


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