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Montreal to Toronto with Air Canada in Business Class

Route : YUL-YYZ

Airline : Air Canada (AC)

Cabin Class: Business

Aircraft Type: Airbus 320-1

Flight Number: AC417

Seat Number: 3F

Date: April 10, 2013

Departure time in Montreal (YUL): 15:00

Arrival time in Toronto (YYZ): 16:21

Award travel, Business Class flight #14


Text and Photos by Arthur Jeciel


Check in

As we were just transitting in Toronto on the way to Los Angeles, we thought we would need to check-in at the international check-in counters so we went there directly upon arriving at the airport. But then, were directed to the domestic check-in counters, as we were flying first to Toronto. As usual, we had priority check-in.


Before our flight to Toronto, we had a chance to visit the nice Maple Leaf Lounge.


My boarding pass...


The business class cabin has a 2-2 configuration, with a total of 14 seats. That day, the flight to Toronto was full.

The button for a bit of recline... and below is the headset socket.

Magazine holder...

There is a coathook located on the right side of the seat in front of you.


A glass of water before take off.

Since the flight was just about an hour long, only snacks were served consisting of Lindt Chocolates, Almond Snacks and Cranberry juice.


Pretty basic screen...

and earphones.

Toilet and Lavatory

The lavatory was always kept clean which is always appreciated.

Transfer in Toronto

We arrived at Toronto International Airport less than two hours before our connecting flight to Los Angeles. Although the security and passport control for entering the US took time, I was glad it went without any problem.



For a short flight, I thought Air Canada delivered a very good job. The staffs were very friendly and the snacks served were actually perfect for such short distances. I remember seeing my seatmate order lots of drinks and taking as much Lindt chocolates and almond snacks as he could everytime the cabin crew passes with their snack basket. He must have been really hungry or maybe just taking advantage of the service staffs. As regards witht the entertainment, I didn't really need to watch a film or something so the small TV screen had not been a problem for me. Overall, a very nice flight.


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