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Johannesburg-Cairo on Egypt Air in Business Class

Route: JNB-CAI

Airline: Egypt Air (MS)

Cabin Class: Business

Equipment: Airbus A330-340

Flight Number: MS840

Seat Number: 10K

Egypt Air business class cabin

Date: May 5, 2014

Departure time in Johannesburg (JNB): 21:45

Arrival time in Cairo (CAI): 5:45

Travel Time: 7h 55m

*This is an award travel, Business Class flight #60


Text and Photography by Arthur Jeciel


OR Tambo International Airport

Upon arriving at the OR Tambo International Airport, we caught sight of the Emirates chauffeur team, reminding me of how good it is to fly on Emirates in business and first class.

The check in desks opened around 6:35pm, about 3 hours before departure, where counters B2 to B4 were dedicated to business class passengers.

While on the queue, we noticed a signage asking all passengers with check-in baggages to have their luggages wrapped free of charge, by these young helpful guys. We were guessing it was for security reason since most luggages nowadays are being opened and some items being stolen from the passengers luggage.

After being checked in by a very nice agent, we got an invitation to the Shongololo Lounge, one of the nicest lounge we have ever visited.

Afterwards, I also got my boarding pass. I am not so sure about the yellow color although I personally think it is cool.

After passing the security control, we immediately went to the Shongololo Lounge, a review of which you can find here.

The Airbus 330 taking us to Cairo that Monday night. Boarding started at 9pm with business class passengers using gate A12 and economy class using A13.

Egypt Air business class seats, right side row 10

Egypt Air inflight magazine and Airbus safety card

Egypt Air business class personal monitor

Entertainment controls and headphones

After settling in, hot towels were distributed followed by the predeparture beverage with a choice of orange or guava juice. I settled for a glass of guava juice.

The business class amenity kit featured a pair of socks, eyeshades and earphones.

Then came the newspapers as wellas a bottle of mineral water from Dasani.

Now, the dinner service: All were served on a tray except the main course.

Egypt Air business class appetizer

Egypt Air business class main course

Egpyt Air business class tea

Egypt Air business class breakfast

Egpyt Air business class toilet and lavatory

Egypt Air business class toilet and lavatory

One last glimpse of the Egypt Air Airbus. Goodbye and Shukran!






June 13, 2014 So there it was, my first ever flight in business class on Egypt Air. I have to say that the service on this flight was not that impressive. It was a bit casual which is more like what you would get from economy class service. There was no menu card either. And of course, you know that they don't serve alcohol on their flights. I was thinking that since they don't serve alcohol, they would make up for it and offer better food and amenity kits. The food actually was very good but the amenity kit was not the one I expected from them. Well, I just wish them luck and hopefully the service will improve in the future. Fortunately, my connecting flight from Cairo to Frankfurt was on Egypt Air as well and I must admit that the service was a lot better. Can't wait to write about it next time!


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