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Route : HEL-LHR

Airline: AY (Finnair)

Cabin Class: Business

Equipment : Airbus A320

Flight Number: AY 839

Seat Number: 3C


Date: September 25, 2013

Departure time in Helsinki (HEL): 14:05

Arrival time in London (LHR): 15:10

*This is an award travel, Business Class flight #31


Text and Photography by Arthur Jeciel


I booked this flight about five months before our trip and since I wanted to test as many airlines and visit as many lounges as possible, I decided to route via Helsinki on the way to London with Finnair, and then to Male via Abu Dhabi with Etihad. I also made sure that we would have a fairly long connecting time at London Heathrow so we could take a short trip to the city (which by the way I haven't visited yet) and then back to the airport. Due to a problem with the aircraft while still in Helsinki, our arrival time in London was almost two hours delayed. Well I guess there would be another time for me to visit this city.


From the gate, I was able to take a picture of the Airbus 320 which would take us to London.


Boarding at Gate 37 started on time, with business and premium customers getting to board first followed by economy class passengers.


A separate review of this lounge can be found here.

Cause of delay

At 14:05, just as all the passengers were on board, the captain came onto the PA and informed us that one of the main landing tires was damaged and that it would take about an hour to do the change. He also apologized for the fact that had they discovered it sooner, they could have avoided boarding the passengers and instead let them wait at the airport premise.


After more than an hour, we started for push back and I have to say that it was the most awaited moment for most of us.


The business class cabin has 22 seats, 10 of which were occupied that day.

Predeparture Beverage

While waiting for the tire to be changed, we were served some drinks and snacks.


Finnairs menu card on the flight from Helsinki to London Heathrow.


As anticipated, it was a Scandinavian meal plus a small bottle of Joseph Perrier Cuvee Royal. Among the alcoholic drinks onboard were Renault Carte Noire Extra, Glenfiddich, Chivas Regal, Bombay Gin and of course, the Finlandia vodka.

The main course consisted of meatballs and mashed potatoes.

The appetizer...

The dessert was so delicious I could eat another cup.


As it was an intra-Europe flight, there was no TV screen on the seats.

Toilet and Lavatory

The toilet and lavatory was always kept clean with a tray of towels. I have flown with Lufthansa several times from Stockholm to Frankfurt in business class and I don't remember seeing towels in the toilet so this is pretty impressive.

Arrival at London Heathrow

Upon landing which was around 5pm, I caught site of two Qantas Airbus 380. I was guessing they were the ones flying from Australia to London via Dubai.



As usual, there were positives and negatives on this flight. The positive was the food and service. The negative was that we had to wait for an hour in Helsinki while the tire was being changed, and another hour flying around London before landing since there were too many aircrafts operating that time. Of course, it was something we didn't have control of. But would I fly Finnair again? Definitely yes. Again, Kiitos!


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