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Route: FRA-ICN

Airline: Asiana (OZ)

Cabin Class: First

Equipment: Boeing 747-400

Flight Number: OZ542

Seat Number: 4E

View from the only pair seat

Date: March 4, 2014

Departure time in Frankfurt (FRA): 18:30

Arrival time in Seoul (ICN): 12:40 (+1 day)

Travel Time: 10h 10m


*This is an award travel, First Class flight #11


Text and Photography by Arthur Jeciel



March 19, 2014 I flew on the same aircraft on the same route a few weeks ago so I felt a little familiar with the seat features and service already. I would just be concentrating on the meal service here but you can find more pictures of the cabin here.


We had about 6 hours before our next flight so we decided to just stay at the Lufthansa Senator Lounge to check some emails and have lunch. You can find more pictures of this lounge here.

The beautiful Boeing 747 taking us to Seoul


Boarding at Gate B45 started 10 minutes late.

My Asiana boarding pass was issued at the gate since the SAS boarding pass I got in Stockholm was not the usual one, as it didn't have the smaller portion that passengers get to keep and the larger portion that the agents keep with them.


My seat 4E with the Bulgari amenity kit waiting for me!

Magazines and newspapers were located on the rack behind our seats.

I actually asked for aloe juice as a predeparture beverage since it is one of my favorite juices but the flight attendant told me that they only have it on their flights to China. We ended up ordering for a glass of guava juice instead. At the same time, we were given the immigration cards and a pen.

The cover of the entertainment magazine featured the movie "Frozen" and it didn't fail to convince me as it became the first movie I watched on this 10 hour flight to Seoul.

Afterwards, we were given the menu card and wine list which included the Pre-order meal service card. The cabin attendant told us we could order our meal in first class on our return flight. Well of course we didn't use it since we were flying with another airline on the return trip to Europe.

Dinner Menu: Western

Dinner Menu: Western

Dinner Menu: Korean

Dinner Menu: Korean

Light snacks can be ordered throughout the flight

Brunch Menu: Western

Brunch Menu: Korean

Potato Cup and Feta Cheese with Red and Yellow Pepper Sauce

The champagnes on board were the Charles Heidsieck Millesime 2000 and Pol Roger Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill 2000.

Let's start with the caviar!!!

Marinated Salmon and Halibut, Poached Scallops with Saffron

While having a wonderful dinner, I was also watching the movie Frozen, which I thought was a cool movie. The second film I watched was Enders Game which was even better.

I decided not to have the soup although my partner had it, the Mushroom Cream Soup which tasted excellent according to him.

Mixed Greens with Herb Dressing

Lobster Medallion

Served with Green and Yellow Zucchini, Noodles with Basil Oil

I told myself before the flight that I would have the Koreal Meal so I could have the Bibimbap but as soon as I saw that they had the Lobster Medallion (which was not on the menu on my last flight) I suddenly changed my mind and ordered the Western meal.

Cheese: Gorgonzola, Camembert and Gruyere

Everything tasted excellent just like what I expected it to be. I thought the meal was too much so I decided to pass on the dessert.


After changing into my pajamas, my seat was turned into a fully flat bed and a bottle of mineral water, Sam da Soo (from Jeju) was also distributed. I was able to have a few hours sleep and when I woke up, went to the lavatory to change. When I returned to my seat, the flight attendant had already fixed the bed to seating position. About one and a half hours before landing, drinks were served consisting of orange juice, tomato juice and water. Then, it was time for our brunch.

Korean Brunch: Rice Porridge with Crab Meat

My partner sticked with the Western Meal, Ricotta Cheese Crepe.

The meal ended with a plate of fresh fruit and a cup of tea.

The yellow rose was just so lovely.

Arrival in Seoul

We landed at Incheon International Airport about 20 minutes early and after passing the immigration and collecting our luggages, we took the metro to the Conrad Seoul where we stayed for one night.



Again, another impeccable service from the flight attendants on one of my favorite airlines. My partner and I were the only passengers flying in first class (main deck) so all the attention was given to us. Although there was one guy seated on the last window seat on the right side of the cabin when we boarded, he actually didn't come back to his seat after the second serving so I was guessing he was working for Asiana.


As soon as I was seated, the flight attendant opened the plastic wrapping and presented the slippers in front of me, ready for use. The inflight manager also came to our seats, introduced himself and told us that if there's anything we need, he would be happy to assist us. My luggage trolley was also kept in the large wardrobe located in front of the cabin as it was a bit too big to be kept on the overhead cabin. My guava juice was replaced with a new glass even before it gets really empty. Everytime I go to the lavatory and come back to my seat, I would find the blanket nicely folded on my seat. We were always addressed by our name as well. You would understand why Asiana is one of my favorite airlines and I really hope to fly with them again soon. Kamsahamnida, Asiana!!!


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