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Route : FRA to MEX

Airline: Lufthansa (LH)

Cabin Class: Business

Equipment : Boeing 747-8i

Flight Number: LH498

Seat Number: 5D

The middle seats on the business class cabin, main deck

Date: October 24, 2013

Departure time in Frankfurt (FRA): 14:10

Arrival time in Mexico City (MEX): 19:05

*This is an award travel, Business Class flight #36


Text and Photography by Arthur Jeciel


November 19, 2013 Last year, Lufthansa became the launch carrier of Boeings 747-8i, the longest aircraft in the world. And since they have the newest business class seats installed in these aircrafts, I made sure Mike and I would be able to test them one day. I checked which routes they were using the new "Queen of the Skies" and found out that they have started using the 9th of its 20 brand new 747-8i on their FRA-MEX route. Without hesitation, we booked two seats on this beautiful aircraft and I have to say, it was definitely something to be experienced.


Having a Star Alliance Gold card (Mike and I both have Gold status with Turkish Airlines), we could visit a lot of business class lounges in the airport. Since the Air Canada Lounge had just recently opened, we thought it was the best choice. You can find the lounge details for Air Canada Lounge here and the Lufthansa Senator Lounge here.


There she is! The beautiful 747-8i!!!


I actually got my boarding card when I checked in at Stockholm Arlanda Airport but since it was issued by SAS (with a SAS logo), I thought I would ask the reception in the Senator Lounge, Frankfurt Airport if she could print one for me. Well, here it is!

Boarding at Gate B26 was delayed, although it did not affect our flight time.


The business class cabin on the main deck as passengers board.

My predeparture drink was a glass of bubbly!


The seat numbers located between our seats.

I just love the seat controls, very modern and chic. I wonder how the ones in first class look like.

The duvet was already placed on the footrest when I came to my seat.

The magazine rack located above the TV monitor.

Under the magazine rack was a stowage containing the business class amenity kit and a bottle of mineral water.

The table, entertainment control and the headset were all placed together in a compartment between the two seats.

There is also power outlets in case you need to charge your mobilephone or laptop.

I couldn't help but be intrigued by the first class cabin so I zoomed my camera and took a picture of a cabin attendant giving roses to the first class passengers. Cool!

While waiting for the meal service, I decided to make a tour of the business class cabin located on the upper deck.

View of the small "serving station" from the upper deck stairs.

The business class cabin on the upper deck has a 2-2 configuration.


The menu card on the Frankfurt to Mexico flight.

For my after-departure drink, I had a glass of mango maracuja which came together with a small pack of cashew nuts.



Variation of Trout and Char with Cucumber Salad in Dill Cream

The other two choices were Assorted Cold Cuts: Escalope of Veal Tegernsee Style, Tyrolean Bacon, crunchy Bavarian Landjäger Salami jerky, Potato Salad and Gherkin and Pumpkin Salad, marinated dumpling Slices and Camembert Cream

Trout and Char with Cucumber Salad


Main Course

Prime boiled Beef with Horseradish Cream, Savoy cabbage and Potatoes


The other choices were: Seared Pike-perch on Sauerkraut with Mustard sauce and Chive Mashed Potatoes and Spätzle - German Cheese noodles with fine Onions and pink Peppercorns.

The cheese was Allgau Alp Cheese, Bavaria blu and Bavarian Cheese Spread with Red Radish while the choices for dessert were Poppy seed Mousse with Mountain Cranberries or Fruit Salad.

Poppy seed Mousse with Mountain Cranberries & a chocolate bar


I thought the entertainment control was okay but the headset was pretty basic, maybe not really in par with other airlines offerings like Thai or ANA.

During the whole flight, I was able to watch a few films including Planes, The English Teacher and Now You See Me.

And then it was time to sleep, with a seat that turns into a fully flat bed.

About halfway to Mexico, some light snacks were served which included a sandwhich and small bowl of grapes.

Before landing, we were served the Hearty Goulash Soup and Seasonal salad with Oyster Mushrooms accompanied by Sweet Mustard Dressing. For dessert, they had Plum Cake with Vanilla Cream.

Toilet and Lavatory

The toilet and lavatory was always kept clean. A Nivea hand cream, shaving cream and shaver, wet towels, comb and small bottles of mouthwash were also available.

Arrival in Mexico City

After more than 12 hours of flying, we finally landed at the Mexico-Juarez International Airport. Going through the immigration went fast and after collecting our luggages, it was time to see and feel what it's like being in Mexico for the first time.


I have to admit that I didn't have high expectations from Lufthansa because I've read many reviews saying their business class was not that good. The aircraft though was something I was impressed with. It may not be that popular as the Superjumbo but it definitely has the capabilities of competing with it. It was very quiet during take off and landing. regarding the service, it was very professional and friendly at the same time. The food tasted excellent. On the other hand, I thought the herringbone seat configuration was not that convenient. I would have loved that the TV monitor is directly facing the passenger, specially when the seat is in bed mode. Also, using the internet is quite expensive being 20 Euro for 24 hours or 10 Euro for an hour. The amenity kit wasn't that impressive either. If you were to ask me, I still prefer flying with some of the carriers from Asia. Overall, a very nice experience flying business class with Lufthansa. Danke Schön and Auf Wiedersehen!


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