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Dubai to Bangkok with Emirates in First Class

Route : DXB-BKK

Airline: EK (Emirates)

Cabin Class: First

Equipment : Boeing 777-300

Flight Number: EK372

Seat Number: 2K

My Suite 2K, on the DXB-BKK flight in First Class

Date: September 5, 2013

Aircraft ID: A6-EGJ

Departure time in Dubai (DXB): 9:40

Arrival time in Bangkok (BKK): 19:15

Revenue ticket, First Class flight #4


Text and Photography by Arthur Jeciel


After spending the night at the Emirates First Class Lounge, it was time to continue my trip, and this time I was headed to Bangkok. Since the private suite features are almost the same as the previous flight (Stockholm to Dubai), I would concentrate on the food and all the other services which were not posted earlier.


From the lounge, one has direct access to the aircraft. Pretty cool!


For a complete review of this lounge, please click here.


The beautiful Boeing 777-300 bound for Bangkok.


The first class cabin has a total of 8 private suites with a 1-2-1 configuration. That day, there were only 3 passengers in first class so I had a chance to take as many pictures as I could.


Welcome to my suite: 2K!!

This feature, where one could control the window shields by pressing the button, was not in the Boeing 777-200LR used on the Stockholm-Dubai flight.

Since there are no overhead luggage bins, you can keep your luggage this way.

I was not able to take a picture of this "little storage section" on the previous flight so I am including it now.

I love it when the flight attendants distribute the fast track card and immigration form well in advance.

The welcome drink turned out to be a glass of Cuvée Dom Perignon 2003. Lovely!

Some arabian chocolates, which by the way are very low in calories, as I was later informed.

I was able to take a picture while Giuliano was pouring the arabic coffee. I haven't tasted one before so I decided to have a small cup. It actually tasted something like saffron.


The wine list and the menu...


Marinated feta cubes, green olives stuffed with sundried tomato, black Kalamata olives and red cherry tomatoes

A glass of Jumeirah Delight and some heated mixed nuts.

Marinated prawns

Fresh plump prawns marinated with fragrant lime leaves and basil, served with basil dressing

The other choices for appetizers were Caviar, Traditional local Arabic mezze and Mustard honey roast chicken.

Chicken consommé

a clear richly seasoned chicken bouillon, served with finely cut fresh vegetables

The other soup available was Sweet potato soup served with roasted croutons.

Saffron snapper

fresh fillet of snapper capped with a crisp saffron crust and oven baked, drizzled with an aromatic tomato basil sauce, served with vegetable couscous, steamed green beans and carrots.

The other choices for the main course were Cheese ravioli, Pandan chicken curry, pan-fried pepper beef and Traditional seafood biryani.

The Voss still water...

International Cheese Selection

a carefully chosen assotment of the finest boutique cheeses from around the World, served with a selection of crudités, crackers, dried fruits and nuts

Tea and Godiva chocolate

First Class Bar

The first class bar offers different bottles of champagnes and wines, as well as cocktail snacks, fruits and sandwiches.

Arrival in Bangkok

Upon my arrival at the Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, I went directly to the arrival hall where I met the Emirates representative who escorted me outside for the complimentary limousine service to the hotel.



Yet another unforgettable experience with Emirates first class. The service was impeccable, the food was excellent and of course, the private suite is unbeatable. Giuliano, the cabin attendant from Mexico, was very charming and really took care of me throughout the flight. I relly enjoyed everything about this flight that I would do it again and again. Shukran, Emirates.


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