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Route : CLT-JFK

Airline: US Airways (US)

Cabin Class: First

Equipment : Airbus 320

Flight Number: US 1830

Seat Number: 2C

The US Airways Logo

Date: November 9, 2013

Departure time in Charlotte (CLT): 9:25

Arrival time in New York (JFK): 11:07

*This is an award travel, Business Class flight #38


Text and Photography by Arthur Jeciel


December 16, 2013 After spending a night at Sheraton Charlotte Airport Hotel, it was time to continue our journey back to Europe, but first we had a short transit in New York. Mike and I took time to visit one of our good friends, Rico and his partner John.

Arrival at the terminal

The check in counters

My boarding pass


For a complete review of the US Airways Club, please click here.


Boarding at Gate C19 started on time.

View of downtown Charlotte while approaching the runway.


The cabin has a 2-2 configuration, total of 12 seats

The not so spacious legroom

The entertainment controls

The safety information card & the wifi gogo card

The wifi sign


The drinks trolley

My predeparture drink was a glass of lime water.

Cranberry juice for me and coffee for Mike, plus some snacks

Toilet and Lavatory

The Dial liquid soap inside the lavatory.

Arrival at JFK

It was a cold Saturday morning when we landed in New York (JFK)

Meeting up with one of my bestfriends, Rico.



The flight was just less than two hours so there was not really much to review here. The snacks and drinks offered were okay and the wifi service would have been much better if it had been complimentary for the first class passengers. I am not really sure why the US domestic flights have first class and economy, with business class missing. Needless to say, I still prefer the intra-European flights by the European carriers like Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines specially when it comes to service and food offerings. Overall, a nice flight.


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