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Bangkok to Hongkong with Thai Airways in Business Class

Route : BKK-HKG

Airline : Thai Airways (TG)

Cabin Class: Business

Aircraft Type: Airbus 380-800

Flight Number: TG600

Seat Number: 17E

Date: May 17, 2013

Departure time in Bangkok (BKK): 10:00

Arrival time in Hongkong (HKG): 13:45

*This is an award travel, Business Class flight #21


Text and Photos by Arthur Jeciel


We used to Thai Airways Royal Orchid Lounge nearest to Gate E8. As usual, the food in the lounge was superb.


It was a back-to-back with the Airbus A380-800, as it was the same aircraft we took from Frankfurt. For this reason, I will be skipping the pictures of the cabin, seat and entertainment and just concentrate on the meal service on board.



Our flight from Frankfurt was two hours delayed and as a special gesture, we were met by a very friendly staff who escorted us to our ride, a golfcar!

The transfer counter where a ground staff helped us in getting our boarding cards...


Boarding at Gate E8.


The business class cabin is located on the upper deck, with a total of 60 seats.


My seat was 17E, in the middle section of the cabin.


My predeparture drink, a glass of fresh orange juice.

Some cocktail snacks and a glass of apple juice...

First Course


Smoked Salmon Rose, Smoked Halibut, Potato Salad German Style

Main Course


Braised Pork in Red Wine, Tossed Linguine, Buttered Vegetables


The other choices were:


Prawn Curry "Chu-chee", Steamed Thai Hom Mali Rice, Taiwanese Cabbage


Fried Red Snapper with Garlic Tomato Sauce, Fried Rice with Onion and Tomato


Thai Chicken Massaman Curry (with Peanuts), Steamed Thai Hom Mali Rice, Sauteed Kailan


Each course came with assorted bread and butter.


Cheese and Fresh Fruits, Tea



Raspberry Mascarpone Cake


Everything form the first course to the dessert tasted fantastic.


Each seat has a 15.4 inch personal touch screen monitor.

Arrival in Hongkong

Upon arrival at Hongkong International Airport, we had a glimpse of Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380-800. Sighting a Superjumbo in this airport is not that difficult since it actually sees the most number of this aircraft than any other airport in the world.

After ariving in the hotel, we just left our luggages and immediately took the metro to downtown. And the weather was just perfect in exploring the city!



I was still overwelmed by the great experience I had flying from Frankfurt to Bangkok and this is just as wonderful as that. The food was excellent and the staff were very friendly and helpful. The flight's delay was not so good and I hope that Thai Airways will be able to perform better next time. Overall, I really had a good time flying with Thai Airways, specially on the Superjumbo.


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