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Arlanda to Frankfurt with Lufthansa in Business Class

Route : ARN to FRA

Airline : Lufthansa (LH)

Cabin Class: Business

Aircraft Type: Airbus 321

Flight Number: LH809

Seat Number: 2F

Date: April 8, 2013

Departure time in Arlanda (ARN): 6:00

Arrival time in Frankfurt (FRA): 8:15

Award travel, Business Class flight #12


Text and Photos by Arthur Jeciel



Since our flight was moved a little earlier, and that the SAS lounge in Terminal 5 opens at 5:30 in the morning, we were not able to have access to this lounge. It was a little strange since I think they should at least be opening at 5am to cater to the passengers needs who are leaving early in the morning. Luckily, I would be flying again from Arlanda to Frankfurt next month and this time, I will be able to make a review of this lounge since our flight leaves at 10am.


My boarding card, from SAS website. Lufthansa flights from Sweden actually uses the chek in link of SAS, as I later learned. Too bad since I would have wanted to use Lufthansa's app and add it on my iphone's Passbook.


My seat 2F which was a window, helped me get a great view of Frankfurt as we landed.

The middle seat is left vacant to give more space to the passengers seating on both ends.

I think that more airlines should have Lufthansa's concept and use lighter materials for their seats making the aircraft more fuel efficient. On the negative side, this is not really a business class seat but an economy seat so you miss seating on a really wider and much more comfortable seat. Also, the personal TV monitor is missing which means you have to spend the whole flight chatting with your seatmate or reading magazines.


My breakfast that day consisted of scrambled eggs with mushroom, ham, cheese, bread, yoghurt, tea and apple juice. Lovely!

At first glance, I thought this was an ice cream but then, I found out that it was some sort of yoghurt. Well of course nobody serves ice cream for breakfast.


No entertainment. No power outlets.


Toilet and Lavatory

Pretty basic toilet which was always kept clean considering that we were only 8 passengers in the business class cabin.

After having my breakfast, I asked the cabin crew if she had an extra Lufthansa ballpen which I could get as a remembrance and luckily she had one, so I got the yellow pen. A few minutes after, she came to my seat with another pen. What a surprise!

Arrival in Frankfurt

We arrived in Frankfurt around 8:15 in the morning and after passing the security control which went smoothly, we immediately took the metro to the city center. A lovely day was just waiting for us!



I have never flown with Lufthansa before so I was pretty excited as to how this flight would be, specially because it was in business class. I thought Lufthansa delivered a very good service on board. The food tasted excellent and after the meal, I was really full. Aside from the seats without personal TV, for a short flight lasting for a little more than two hours, I guess this is one of the best options when flying in business class from Stockholm to Frankfurt. Danke schön Lufthansa! Auf wiedersehen!


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