Hi and welcome to my blog/website, "The Filipino Traveler"! My name is Arthur, born and raised in Manila, Philippines and at present, I live in Stockholm, Sweden.


Traveling has not been a major part of my life until the year 2007 when I moved to Sweden and started working for Singelresor Norden. Before that, all I wanted to do was "to live in ten different countries, enjoy their culture and learn their language" before I die. Ooops, I guess that was even more challenging!


In 2012, I came accross Flyertalk which is the largest travel community online. From there, I learned some of the secrets in flying business and first class inexpensively. Since then, I have been flying on some of the world's best airlines ... sitting in their first class cabin, enjoying a glass of champagne and more. It was an incredible experience since the majority of us could only dream of this luxury. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and in March 2016, buying miles and redeeming them for an award travel (which was the way I was able to fly cheaply in first class) was no longer that lucrative. Today, I only fly in business class whenever airlines have promotions, and occasionally in first class whenever I have enough miles and there's a good way to use them. Of course for me, the best part of traveling is seeing the world, learning different cultures and meeting wonderful people wherever I go. Flying in business and first class to get to the destination is just an icing on the cake and something I could live without. Or maybe not ;)


I really hope I could inspire more people in making their lives more meaningful by traveling more often. As my own saying goes, "Traveling is like reading your history and geography books .... only a thousand times better".




As of February 2017, I have visited a total of 65 countries, flown 129 times in business class and 46 times in first class.


(Last updated: February 2017)



Me with the Christ the Redeemer statue

in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

October 2014



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